“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”

-Proverbs 4:23

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Another Guest Blog post

Our church has a blog that people who work there post too. Brad our missions pastor asked me to write a post for him. I posted it yesterday. Check it out!


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Goal date

We officially have a date that we would like to have all of our support raised. September 12! We have to do 3 weeks of training through Mission Training International and the next available time slot is September 12 – 30. They have other dates available but we want a goal to look forward and we want it to be as soon as possible. We have to do the training within 6 months of when we leave so we could still go in September but we would of course love to be finished with support raising so that we can head to Jamaica after training.

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Be Radical

I have been reading a book called “Radical: Taking back your faith from the American Dream.” It has been and extremely thought provoking book. Throughout the book the author, David Platt, talks about what he feels is the problem with the church in American. He says as Christians in America we take what church is supposed to be, according to the bible, and transform it into something that’s comfortable. It is a very interesting thought.

In the last chapter I read David Platt talked about the command that Jesus gave to go into all the nations and make disciples. Here is a quote that I thought was amazing “Indeed, God knows every detail of our lives, and when we step out in faith to follow him, he will show us that our greatest security is not found in the comforts we an manufacture in this world but in the faithful provision of the only one who knows our needs and the only one who is able to meet our needs in every way.”

It’s scary to step out in faith and to leave what we know and what is comfortable but in the end God will meet our needs. We need to proclaim the good news to the world. We need to bring it to all nations even if it costs us everything, including our lives. In the end the reward is worth the cost. Isn’t it? It’s easier to say than to live like that…

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Slowly but surely :)

So we are at 12.5% of our monthly support and at about 20% of our outgoing costs. We have had several people step up recently and it has been exciting to see. There are a lot of people that we need to follow up with and then we are going to continue to make new contacts. If we haven’t talked to you yet… Don’t worry, we will. 🙂 Oh ya… Don’t hesitate to contact us first if you would like to get on board.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support!

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Everything I Need

This past weekend at church, we were singing the words, “everything I need is you…my beginning, my forever.” I was standing there, my hands raised, singing and praying that God would make those words true in my life. “God,” I prayed, “be everything I need.” I instantly sensed a response to my cry. “I already Am.” I realized that I was asking God to be something that was already true of Himself. He IS everything I need whether I “feel” like He is at that moment or not. That truth is not changed or based on my emotions, opinion, or my heart’s wanderings. Have you ever prayed that same prayer? I am now praying that God will help me to live based on His promises. His grace and power are sufficient to meet all of our needs.

Ben and I are trusting God right now to meet our financial needs as we raise our support. We can set as many appointments, make as many calls, and mail as many letters as we want, but without God, we’re going nowhere. He IS everything we need, and that will never change.

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Krista and I had a great opportunity last Saturday to participate in something called Operation in as Much. Churches and organizations from all around east Tennessee banded together to volunteer on one day and make a difference. Krista and I both lead small groups for the youth group at our church so we volunteered with the youth. We put together a thousand homeless care packages that people at the church could put in their car and pass out to a homeless person when they see them on the side of the road. I thought it was a pretty cool idea! I loved seeing all the kids get involved.

It has been a really crazy couple of weeks! Mostly in a good way. We have had a chance to meet with quite a few people lately and the more and more we tell people the more and more people seem to really get on board with what we are doing. It’s awesome! We are hoping to start sending some letters to family and friends back in Michigan soon. Once they get the letters we are going give them a call and tell them some more about Jamaica. Of course we would love to meet everyone in person but that is going to be hard since we live here.

Everything is going well. We have a lot of support to raise and a lot of people to contact but so far we have been excited and encouraged. Thanks!

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Guest Blog

Yesterday I got a phone call from a friend of mine. He is the high school youth pastor at our church. We talked for a while and he asked me if I could write a blog post about Jamaica that he could post on his website. I have already seen a few people comment about it and some to this website to check it out. It’s exciting and encouraging when we hear of people who catch our vision and the vision of CCCD and what they are doing. I hope that through all the contacts we make and all the information that we get out to people some amazing things will happen.

You can check out my blog post at www.michaelbwallace.com

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Family Weekend


We had a fantastic weekend! My sister Mindy came down with her husband Josh an my niece Kaila. Josh and I ran the Knoxville half marathon on Sunday and both did quite well! They left this morning to head over to Pigeon Forge for a few more days. Since we don’t live in Michigan anymore we really don’t get to see them all that often. It is crazy how much Kaila changes when we don’t see her for months at a time.  It was great to spend a few days with them. When you move away you realize that you take your family/family time for granted. Both Krista and I have been super blessed by the great families we have around us. I know that it is going to be even harder once we are in Jamaica to see them so we need enjoy all the times we have together before we go.

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Golf Tourney!

So a good friend of ours, who is a golf instructor, told us this week that he is in the process of setting up a golf tournament on June 4, and all the proceeds will go to funding our ministry! We are super excited. We don’t really have any other details other than that. We’ll keep you updated when we hash more of the details out.

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