Well, we are packed and ready to fly out tomorrow morning. Our first flight is at 9:35. We can’t wait to get there. We are planning on posting a lot of things in the next three weeks. Hopefully you will get a good picture of the things that we have been learning and talking about while we’re there. It is starting to feel real! That’s for sure…

Thanks for all the encouragement and all the prayers!

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Training Information

If you would like some more information or just to see exactly what we are going to be doing at our training you can check out their website:

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One week until training!

Hey everyone! Krista and I are super excited. We leaving next Monday to fly out to Colorado to attend missionary training at Mission Training International. We have been so busy with both our jobs, and support raising, and it’s going to be good to get away and focus on our ministry. We will be there from September 12-October 1.  Many of you received an e-mail today about praying for us while we’re there. If you haven’t received one please let us know if you would be interested in taking a day and praying for us while we’re gone. We can’t wait to get there, and we can’t wait to see what God has for us while we’re there!

Also, please pray for Krista this week as it is her last week of work! Hopefully it’s a good one!

Thanks again for all you do!

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Learn Patois (Patwa) with Kid stories

We found this video and thought that it was great so we thought that we would share it. This is how most Jamaicans on the island talk.


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Quick Update!

So we are at 80% now… We still believe that we can get our full support in the next two and a half weeks! We are going to making a lot of phone calls in the next couple of weeks to people who have expressed interest that we haven’t heard back from yet. Please pray for these phone calls. Pray that we will be able to get a hold of people and that they will still see our vision for what we want to do in Jamaica and be able to partner with us.

God is Able

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Exit Date

We have been getting a lot of questions about when we are leaving for Jamaica. We really wish that we could be a little bit clearer on this but right now there are a few things that are going to dictate that date.

We need to attend missionary training at Missionary Training International in Colorado Springs. Many of you already know that we are going to be there September 12-30. We have to do that within 6 months of leaving. So we are trusting God that we will have all our support raised within 6 months after our training.

The second thing that we are waiting for is paperwork. We have just completed all the paperwork required for us to stay and work in Jamaica. Once all the paperwork is cleared we can apply for a visa and schedule an exit date.

Our biggest hurdle is obviously the support. We are getting close but we aren’t quite there yet. We are trusting God that we will be able to get all the support we need by the time we head to training in September. Then as soon as we get our paperwork back (probably Oct.) we will be able to set an exit date and plan on that. Until all this happens we are still in Knoxville! Which is okay.

We can see God moving and we are going let him take control as we get closer and closer to Jamaica!

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Welcome… again

I just wanted to welcome everyone to our website who is coming for the first time. Today we showed a video at church and had the privilege to be brought up on stage and prayed over in front of church. We are excited to get the people of Faith Promise involved with what we are doing.

Please look around at some of the pages on this website. There is a lot of good information. If you would like to be notified whenever we add a post, put your e-mail address in the Email subscription section on the right side of the page.

Krista and I have been on this journey since last November and we have been raising support since March. We are currently at 75% (roughly) of our total monthly support goal. We have been here for a little while. The last month has been a little rough for adding support. We are also around 50-60% of our outgoing costs. God has been so good to us over the last few months but we can’t get there without your help. Thank you for showing interest and for following with what we are doing.


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Promotional Video

Here is our video which was shown at church this weekend! What an amazing weekend. We feel very humbled by all the people that have already giving so much and are stepping up to pray, support, and keep track of what we are doing. We love our church….



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Promo Video

We have a big weekend this weekend! Tonight and tomorrow our church is going to show a promotional video that they made for us that is going to be shown at all 4 services. Our pastor is also going to have us come up and introduce us to the congregation and then pray over us. For those who are getting this could you please pray for us this weekend? We are really hoping for God to move this weekend. We need to get some new contacts for support and we are really hoping that this weekend will help us finish off our support! We are also just excited to share with the entire church body exactly what we are doing.

Should be an amazing weekend!

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Prayer Requests/Update

Hey All! Sorry I have been slacking on updating this blog. Things have been really busy for both of us recently. Krista went back to work this week and I have spent the week roofing in the heat! I thought that I give all of you some prayer request for a few things.

1. Continued support raising – We still need about 25%. It has been a little tough lately.

2. Be with Krista as she starts school again. Also, she is only going to be teaching until September 9 so hopefully she has a good month and a half!

3. We start training on September 12. Prayer that God prepares our hearts and minds for the things that he has for us there.

4. Like always, we are praying that God goes ahead of us to Jamaica and prepares a place for us there. We still don’t know exactly where we are going to be.

5. We are showing a video at church next weekend (13th and14th) and I pray that the people who see it will be responsive to that video, and that we will get some more good contacts for raising support.

We have a lot going on and a lot coming up! The exciting part is that we have plenty of room for God to move. There are a lot of things that we know we need him for and that is a good thing.

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