I can’t take it anymore.

I can’t take it anymore.

Do Not Fear…Love Your Enemies…Go to the Nations…key elements of our Faith in Jesus Christ. Why then cowering over compassion? Self-preservation and blatant racism over self-giving and bold evangelism?

I never write about political issues and HATE being involved in political debates (so no nasty comments, please :). But isn’t this a heart issue – a spiritual issue – as much as a political one? I have no answers, just a heart aching to see the church be what it claims to be. We say every life matters. We scream from rooftops when we see what Planned Parenthood does to babies (with good reason!). What about the born babies, children, and parents just looking for shelter, fighting for another chance at life, who still have a chance to hear of eternal life through Christ? Don’t their lives matter as well? Or are they simply disposable?

I was reading about the Good Samaritan in Luke this week, tempted to skim over it. We’ve all read it dozens of times, right? Go ahead and read it – and don’t skim. Then pray. Christ says to “go and do likewise.” Go and Do. That good man saw a need and gave his own time, physical energy, and money to help a hurting enemy. Wow, I don’t know about you, but I think this requires some deep reflection.

…God, forgive my selfishness. Forgive my greediness. Erase my fears with your perfect love…

Let us choose love over fear. Hearts of compassion that burn to see the nations brought to Christ. We are, after all, his ambassadors, yes? And let’s begin in our own backyards. Whether that be in the US, Jamaica, Paris, or Syria. It doesn’t really matter. You don’t have to look far to see a person in need of a hug, a smile, or a drink of water.

Let’s not be like the man in the front of this picture, the one who thinks he is righteous – but is sorely mistaken.



“The way we fight terrorism is to refuse to be terrified.” Thank you Ann Voskamp​. So many thoughts that have been swirling in my head written much more poetically than I could put down.


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  1. julie

    I hear you on this one. It’s a complicated issue but let’s be honest, God didn’t call us to figure it all out, just love. I read in one of the many blogs I’ve read about this lately…We need to ask how God is using this great movement of people. If we can’t go there to show His love, is He bringing them HERE so that we can fulfill His commission? Hope you’re having fun with family around.


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