hope before the dawn

I’m not sure when exactly I started to feel inspired by the normally annoying birds in the bush outside my window in the morning. But I wrote my high school graduation speech about it – how I used to be so bothered by the shrill tweets of those birds – I mean, why in the world did they need to start singing before the sun even rose!? Everyone is supposed to be sleeping! But then it hit me – they were just singing out of hope and anticipation, knowing the sun would be rising any minute. I wanted a hope like that. Faith in things unseen.

I’m pretty sure I forgot about the birds for several years. Then one day I started noticing them on my morning commute to work at the Tennessee School for the Deaf, all lined up in rows on the power lines. Every day. I like to think that they were facing East, waiting to watch the sun rise (but let’s be honest, my internal compass isn’t that good). As most beginning teachers would tell you, those first years are brutal. As a 23 year-old, I just wasn’t prepared for how to handle the middle school attitudes I was faced with everyday…the only thing I could think of when a student said “you’re not my mother” was “thank goodness for that!” I began to look forward to seeing those birds on the lines every morning. So at peace. Just still and waiting. It was my daily reminder that God is good and that he will keep showing up for me every day, even when I feel in over my head (or especially when).

Now during my daily walks with Graham and Clara around JDV, I keep a lookout for those songbirds perched on a pole or power line. And I thank God that he still keeps showing up for me during this challenging season of life.

He wants to show up for everyone this Easter. For you. Some days are stormy, some nights bitter cold, and some mornings it’s hard to even see the sun rise amidst the thick, grey fog. But he’s there, with new mercies ready and waiting. He’s not on that cross anymore. He’s not in the tomb anymore. He’s alive! And he wants you to let him live in and through you today. Let’s put our hope in the goodness of his promises, knowing that we have an eternity of new mornings to welcome his love in our lives.

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  1. Cheryl Bruce

    This is beautiful Krista. Thank you for the reminders that God is present with us always.


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