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Where to start! The two of us have been practically inseparable since we met our freshman and sophomore years of high school. We began “dating” on Krista’s 15th birthday and immediately knew that we had something special. After almost 8 years of being together (4 of which was long-distance), we were finally married in May of 2009. In January 2015 the Lord blessed us with not one, but two precious children, Clara and Graham.


Our passion for the Deaf community stems back to our high school years, during which we had the opportunity to participate in missions to CCCD several times. The experience touched both our hearts; it was incredible to be a part of a movement that reached out to such a marginalized people group. Even after several missions to the island, Krista especially felt the urge to return to CCCD again. She was able to spend 2 months on a short-term mission at the Montego Bay campus after her Junior year of college.


Krista holding a baby at a local children’s home

We have loved working with CCCD over the past 4 years. Things at JDV have been moving forward and it’s very exciting. New programs, new construction, and creating new jobs for the deaf. While the government says that unemployment is 13% but recently, using government statistics, we have heard that unemployment is closer to 50%. That number is much higher among the deaf population. The more jobs we can create the better we can start to change situations among the deaf. Add to that supporting the ministry of Pastor Damian Campbell and JDV has a lot of potential.

Krista has been working at the with the education committee as well as taking care of our precious children, Graham and Clara.

We are just trying to walk everyday with the Lord and to follow his direction.


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