The year of the move.
The year of crazy.
The year of continual transition, back and forth, back and forth, striving to find a sense of settled in the present.

The year of hellos.
Hello to homeownership.
Hello to our hometown as home again (weird).
New neighbors.
New roles.
New church.
New routines.
New cultural norms and expectations.
New precious baby boy and a new season of parenthood.

The year of goodbyes.
The year of goodbyes, hugs, tears, some doubts, and leaning into God’s good plan.
Goodbye to the house we raised the baby twins in.
Goodbye to our 100 acre home the heart of the Jamaican hills.
Goodbye to the dear ones that have been our family for 6 years.
So long to 20+ teams we have grown to love, faces we’ve looked forward to greeting every year.
Goodbye Jamaica. (But not for good…)

The year we were blown away by the love and commitment of our supporters.
Thank you for standing beside us and for understanding our mission is still the same.

The year of crazy.
SO good. So much love.
So much hard. So tiring.
We raised up our glasses last night and toasted to the year’s end.
To surviving and to looking ahead to THRIVING in the year to come.

Yesterday in church I couldn’t help but tear up as we sang this familiar chorus:
Great is thy faithfulness
            Great is thy faithfulness
            Morning by morning new mercies I see
            All I have needed thy hands have provided
            Great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me

He is faithful, friends. Through thick and thin. And His plan is always best, even when it’s hard and even when we don’t understand. He is always good.

We love you and pray that you will be blown away by God’s love and faithfulness in 2018!

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